Apr 17

ACI Distributors – Case Study

I see the impressions and engagements that we’re getting, and I truly believe the program is expanding ACI Distributors’ business in new areas.  The team has been great in keeping me in the loop on the progress of the campaign

Mark Jansen, Owner, ACI Distributors

The Background

ACI Distributors is a leader in their part of the country for offering agricultural, light industrial, and outdoor power equipment to dealerships


ACI Distributors wanted to reach out to dealerships looking for new equipment purchases in different markets within their region.  They needed to cast a wide, yet targeted net to raise brand awareness and reach new customers.

Fastline Digital Approach

Provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive traffic to key parts of their site.  Serve relevant pages to prospective customers outside of their direct locality.  Personalize and optimize ads to drive optimal engagements and conversions


  • 60% increase in total clicks
  • 6.02% conversion rate – double the industry average
  • An expansion of the campaign to cover 3 new states
  • 40% increase in conversions

ACI Distributors Case Study i3 PPC


60%Volume Of Clicks

6.02%Conversion Rate

3States Aci Expanded To