Aug 19

Back to School with Fastline Digital

Summer is Ending and Classrooms are Filling Back up with Students

As summer ends, Fastline Digital is ready to help you hit the books. The Fall means Harvest, but it also means looking ahead to next year. What do you plan on doing differently for 2020? If you don't have a plan, do you mind if Fastline Digital makes some agricultural marketing suggestions?

Get Some Looks by Cracking The Books

Do you want to be seen this year and next? Well, what are you going to do to get that attention? While there might seem to be a new marketing strategy every week, the classic standards never change.

  1. Optimize Your Site Speed
  2. Clean Up On-Site Errors
  3. Optimize Your Images
  4. Ensure Your Site isn't Running Bloated Code
  5. Limit Your HTTP Requests
  6. Audit Your WordPress Plugins
  7. Optimize Your Site Content

Never Be Afraid to Test Your Theories

When it comes to Digital Marketing, it doesn't hurt to have some ideas. If you're a marketer, you know that everyone has ideas. Some are willing to share, while others take some prodding. Either way it goes, the time is now to get those thoughts out in the open.

Your online site is another location for your store. As such, treat it with the same panache you have for your brick and mortar sales. If you see that customers are buying products in pairs, try a promo to help move inventory. If the New Holland products aren't moving, study the shopping patterns. There are so many fascinating things you can do with theories.

What's even more important is that your marketing team has a variety of metrics, conversions tables and real-time traffic monitoring to help you follow the money. If they don't, then maybe it's time to talk to Fastline Digital.

Back to School with Internet Marketing
Even computer people keep a notepad nearby to work out ideas.

Find A Better Word

Keyword research drives a lot of marketing. Some keywords are high competition, while others are words and phrases nobody searches for on Google. What does this mean to you? Well, you can try to rank for John Deere all day long. The problem with that is John Deere ranks higher for John Deere. Then, you have to deal with the Fortune 500 armada of Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Menards and Lowe's.

While you might have better prices and a down-home sales staff, that won't make a difference if the Fortune 500 businesses are winning the PPC war over you. What's an independent Agricultural business to do? The answer is simple.

You diversify your goals by being specific. The big dog corporate sites are going to attack the broad generalities, while you can live in the specifics. After all, do people just type in broad terms for searches? No! They search for what they know.

If customers want a 2019 Kubota Tractor seat, they're going to search for it. These people don't have the time to search through pages of random Kubota gear. While the Fortune 500 types want this same market, they have the time and money to brute force attack the situation.

Be smaller, more cunning and agile. Know what moves for your company, write down those keywords and work with your marketing team to plan around them. You might not get every Kubota search in the world, but you'll get the ones that turn into sales.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Whether you're a fresh-faced student or a seasoned farming veteran staring down another Harvest, you're going to need help. The Back to School mentality means acknowledging a lot about yourself. You might have experience and know a thing or two. But, you are there to expand your horizons and knowledge base.

Just like most marketers won't pretend to know how to service a skid steer getting stuck in hard clay. Some things are just out of your wheelhouse. But, that's fine. Working as a team is how this country moves forward and produces better citizens.

If you know that your website could be better, even if you just want to see what can be done to get those numbers up, don't be afraid to ask for help. You never know who might be listening.


Everyone loves learning something new. People like learning something before others can. That's called having an advantage. Take what we talked about here and it apply to what else you can learn on our website.

Thank you for going Back to School with Fastline Digital.

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