Apr 05

Diesel Depot – Case Study

I'm happy with the FastFynd results. It's a good program with good communication from the team. The monthly meetings are really great to keep in touch with the campaigns.

Marc Klassen, General Manager - Diesel Depot

The Background

Diesel Depot is a leader in their part of the country for offering heavy duty truck, trailer, and parts sales and rentals.


Diesel Depot was looking to increase their brand awareness for their location to maximize leads. The dealership's goal was to be found online on any site or device. Once customers were identified, Diesel Depot needed a way to track them for future marketing strategies.

Fastline Digital Approach

Provide a comprehensive landing page for core offerings with multiple calls to action. Guarantee the dealership will be found in 60+ online directories and boost with search engine optimization and paid ads. Track customer interactions to convert leads into sales. Optimize campaign performance through monthly reporting.


  • 100 calls/month tracked with audio & contact info
  • A page authority of 37 - 3x higher than average competition
  • Over 75 keywords on the 1st page
  • A $4.54 cost per lead
  • A wide net cast to generate leads across the internet


100 Trackable Calls/month

37 Page Authority

751st Page Keywords

$4.54 Cost Per Lead