Aug 05

F/S Manufacturing – Case Study

Our traffic is up 200% over last year.  Working with Fastline Digital has been a great learning experience.  Learning how to track digital marketing and tap into the network has been invaluable. 

Our sales team is recognizing we’re able to be found on first page results from the SEO work provided by the Fastline Digital team.  The reps used to say we’re showing up on the 5th page of Google.  Now they see us on the first page.  Our organic traffic is way up

Jordan Rae Stiefel, Marketing/Design Director - F/S Manufacturing

The Background

F/S Manufacturing, headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, produces sprayers that are sold across the country. Not only do they develop sprayers with several applications, they manufacture liquid handling equipment & water/fertilizer storage systems.


F/S Manufacturing produces market leading UTV spraying systems at a competitive price point.  They have an industry leading product, but lack the brand awareness of their competitors. Their online traffic is underwhelming, and they aren’t running any paid or organic campaigns.

Fastline Digital Approach

Provide a comprehensive 12-month program to generate maximum leads for F/S Manufacturing.  Complete technical optimization of the site to decrease load time and improve index position. Identify relevant keywords through industry leading reporting tools and client-facing collaboration. Developed and implemented successful PPC program, increasing click through rates while decreasing the cost per click. Continue long-lasting relationship through baseline reporting of the keywords, monthly tracking, reviewing, and recommendations for ongoing optimization.


  • Doubled site traffic
  • Increased Page 1 keyword rankings by 240% (year over year)
  • 3K technical optimizations
  • A PPC click through rate 23% higher than industry average
  • Doubled organic search traffic


2XDoubled Website Traffic

240%Page 1 Keyword Rankings

3KTechnical Optimizations

23%Higher Than Industry Avg Ctr

2KDoubled Organic Search Traffic