Jun 14

Grab Customer Attention with your Website (in 19 minutes)

Grab Customers with your Website.

Today, we're going to play with an online business concept. The Ag industry misses out on a lot of the fun exercises that other industries ranging from Electronics to News to Entertainment gets to test out. This piece of information is only for farmers, Ag dealers and crop-minded individuals like you.

Think about a product that you want to promote right now. It might be an accessory or peripheral that you passed over. Now is the time to fish out that hard to convert goal.

Are you ready to grab customer attention in just 19 minutes a day?

You're going to need to go to your website or open a Word document. If you're truly Old School, then break out a legal pad and a ballpoint pen. We're going to sell that hard-to-convert item.


  • Declare a clear benefit
  • Address a problem
  • Give a reason that it might stress out a customer
  • Solve it
  • Create a way to point that solution to anything offered on your site
  • Call to Action

It seems like a simple checklist, but you will go through a few drafts before you can fully grab a customer's attention. The old test was to create a means of grabbing your own attention. While you are a customer as well, efforts to best move products & services only come when you understand benefit.

Example Customer Attention Page

  • Subject: A pen
  • A pen helps you communicate and convey complex ideas at low cost and investment.
  • Due to the disposable nature of pens, it's hard to remember them. Thereby causing need for a pen to emerge again.
  • Without a pen, you'll forget details and notes that you need to keep. Appointments and important clients will be delayed and business lost.
  • Buy a specialized pen of a higher build where the associated cost will force you to remember it.
  • Head over to our Online Pen store to pick up the Executive Blue Steel pen.
  • Press Here to Order!

See how easy it is? Now grab some down time and begin testing out this strategy. Worst case scenario, it gets you thinking about the products on your site. Best case scenario, you create content that can be added to your website.

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