Jul 08

FastlineDigital: The Agency of Choice

The United Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) honors Fastline Digital as its Digital Agency of Choice. The unanimous vote was held a few weeks ago and now we're proud to announce the results. The UEDA recognizes that the Ag industry is coming to the market in new and exciting ways. They felt that there was no one better than Fastline Digital to help bring them there.

The United Equipment Dealers Association is a thriving organization with roots in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Working as a bridge between dealers and the open market, the UEDA shapes the future of commerce inside the Ag Industry. The inclusion of Fastline Digital into their plan is a positive step forward into the 21st century.

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While Fastline Digital is younger than most of our competition, we feel that our youth gives us the kind of zeal to open the Ag market to the digital world. To all of those discovering our team for the first time, we bid you welcome. Please bookmark our site and visit all of our wonderful offerings.

Due to the highly competitive and changing nature of Ag, Fastline Digital offers the best of both worlds. An agency that is quick to adapt to an ever-evolving online world. Plus, we have the support and tradition required to best care for our Agribusiness clients.

Check out the original UEDA announcement press release.

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