Picture this. You have a great website with lots of visitors. But do you know who they are? Unless these visitors follow you on social media or subscribe to your mailing list, they’re only adding to your website click count. You have no way of getting them into your sales funnel.

That’s where Aggi comes in.

Aggi collects names, addresses, emails, and other demographic information to help you identify who’s in the market to buy your products or services. It even goes a step beyond that to track real-time shopping behaviors such as:

  • Keyword searches
  • URL navigation
  • Content consumption
  • Social behavior
  • Campaign responses

This data is filtered through Aggi’s algorithms to identify who’s in the market and ready to buy.

AGGI fence

The Aggi Advantage

Aggi uses our newest artificial intelligence via a simple, unobtrusive pixel which identifies website visitors and what they’re looking for. With the data it collects, you can create campaigns relevant to the real people behind those clicks.

With Aggi, you’ll have access to 4 key pieces of information your competition doesn’t have. You’ll know:

  • Who’s visiting your site without asking them opt-in to any lists
  • Who’s actively looking to buy
  • Which CRM leads are active and ready to buy
  • Which past customers are returning to buy

How Fastline Digital Uses Aggi Data

A one-size-fits-all marketing approach isn’t cost-effective. It’s crucial to reach the right customers at the right time with the right message. Once we’ve collected enough website visitor data from Aggi, we analyze it to spot trends and find insights to help you develop a marketing strategy designed to appeal to your ideal customers.

We’ll then help you choose from our wide range of print and digital marketing options. This saves valuable time and money since we’ve already identified your audience. Now all that’s left is reaching them.

Aggi Options

You have two options when it comes to Aggi.

  • Aggi InMarket identifies and tracks visitor traffic on Fastline.com and generates a list of prospective buyers and the equipment they viewed. We can further segment these lists to fit the buyers you’re looking for – by geographic area, equipment categories, horsepower, manufacturer, model, price, etc.
  • Aggi ID identifies and tracks visitor traffic on your website. Information Aggi collets on your site can be broad to track all visitors or narrowed down to track only specific pages or segments.

Getting Started With Aggi

Our team will walk you through the entire process so you get the most out of Aggi. We can configure and install it within minutes. Then we’ll set up a flexible data reporting schedule that you can access at any time. Whether you need data daily, weekly, or any time in between, we’ll do what works best for your business.

Your Account Manager will guide you in interpreting the data from Aggi to help you create the perfect marketing strategy.

Let us show you what Aggi can do – contact us now to get started.