E-mail marketing is still one of the oldest and most viable digital marketing solutions for reaching consumers. It can be utilized to promote products/services and educate. And it has some pretty impressive stats to back up those claims. Did you know 75% of adult internet users claim email marketing to be their preferred marketing method? Also, a whopping 94% of internet users use email – and of those email users, 91% check their email daily. And studies also show 4 out of 5 business professionals prefer to use email for communicating business matters.


30%Our avg. Open rate

17%National avg. Open rate

1 out of 3 purchase through retail email listIndustry AVG pulled from common statistics provided by email providers

Final ROI Takeaway

E-mail marketing is still one of the most successful marketing strategies with tremendous ROI. Make sure your agency partner integrates e-mail strategy properly with your overall vision.

E-mail Marketing Strategy

As you can see, email isn’t going anywhere. E-mail marketing has the best customer reach rates. E-mail subscribers are 3 times more likely to share content on social media. If that wasn’t enough, 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via e-mail. This adds up to a lot of eyes on your marketing message.

What does that mean for business owners? This means you can gain more sales and customer retention through email. Make sure your email strategy is up-to-date as 80% of retail professionals claim email marketing to be their greatest driver of customer retention.

Did you know if someone makes a purchase through an email, they spend 138% more than people who didn’t receive the email offer? Don’t miss out on those sales or the chance to target farmers during their buying cycle.

E-mail Marketing Tactics

How can Fastline Digital help improve your email tactics? Well, it’s a multi-faceted response. With Fastline Digital, we utilize our team of experienced email marketing strategists to send your message to Fastline.com’s active farmer database. These farmers are highly engaged and look forward to receiving our emails. How do we know this? Because of our incredibly above average open rate. While some studies show average open rates of the Ag industry to only be 17%, our open rate averages around 35% with some rates exceeding 45%.

In order to begin Fastline Digital’s email marketing process, we will first make sure you are targeting the most ideal customer base. From there, we will utilize our premium design tools to create an email that will stimulate viewers to engage in your products. These emails are desktop, tablet and mobile responsive. We will determine an optimal send date and make sure your email doesn’t compete with any other emails for farmer’s attention. We will deliver the email and in two weeks generate a report, showing opens, open rate, clicks and which links were most successful.

The second email tactic would be for Fastline Digital to manage your email database for you. This entails Fastline Digital using a proprietary dashboard complete with full marketing automation capabilities. Your email campaigns will be second-to-none amongst your competitors. We can set up auto responders, drip campaigns, landing pages specific to certain offers and website tracking tools. We can work with your existing email database and/or work to collect additional farmer email addresses for you.

Even in e-mail marketing, you must know your audience. That’s why Fastline Digital engages in deep analytics and active engagement reviews to keep abreast of what works for your e-mail marketing endeavors. Let Fastline Digital introduce you to your future customers. We know what works and our team wants to see you succeed.