FastFynd® is Fastline Digital’s in-house tool to help businesses with multiple locations optimize their mobile and desktop appearances. When you schedule a demo, you’ll see that the tool covers a wide variety of other offerings. But, what does FastFynd mean for you?




Final ROI Takeaway

What makes FastFynd® so amazing is it is a one of a kind service derived from Fastline Digital’s capabilities to produce increased local traffic & sales through optimized localization services. No one else does it because no one else can. Schedule your demo today to see what all the fuss is about.

Fastfynd® Strategy

The power of FastFynd can be distilled into a simple three-part process:


Quite similar to the automobile industry, many of our Ag industry partners and dealers face a struggle when they have one company identity with many locations. 9 times out of 10, the central site gets all of the SEO pull and the individual locations are left in the wind.

At i3, we believe that every location has a unique identity that helps define itself in the Ag World.

FastFynd® allows your sites to be found and grown. The growth comes from FastFynd®’s efforts to create landing pages for each individual location. That way, these outliers can be indexed by Google and share in that positive SEO.

Landing pages dedicated to each local store are what drive FastFynd®. The goals of the FastFynd® all return to those landing pages. But, why is that? Well, by crafting a landing page for each location under your dealer brand, it allows for multiple SEO related hits to appear on Google.

Not only will the interested consumer base find your brand, but they will find the location closest to them. If you’ve worked with multiple locations under one brand before, you can appreciate how difficult that is to create individualized rankings. Well, FastFynd® is here to support you in your quest for business success.


The real fun of FastFynd® comes with our immense toolbox. These tools allow i3 to create a better path to conversion. While we’ll discuss our tools below, let’s take a moment to understand what it means to convert.
After FastFynd® helps make your central site and locations easier to find, the thrust then moves into growth strategies. But, you can grow all day and still not convert. Using a mix of retargeting, online tracking and data related strategies…FastFynd® offers you the full attention of the Ag consumer world.

Out of the wide variety of tools included in FastFynd®, one seems to be a consumer favorite. Retargeting is how i3 lets customers know that you’re still thinking about them. If they don’t commit to a purchase or leave your site, retargeting allows us to follow them off-page.
Everything involved in the retargeting effort is a consumer-focused endeavor designed to meet their individual needs. That’s why we deploy tool such as Call Tracking.

Call Tracking is an application within FastFynd that provides insight into every phone call made to your trackable site phone number. You can analyze every single hot new lead to determine what is effective.

Imagine engaging with customers on a nearly supernatural level of effectiveness. You can even forecast unexpected inventory demands based on consumer call analysis. What once was improbable now exists just a click away.

What matters most of all is that you can track and measure ROI with FastFynd® Analytics and Reports. KW Performance, impressions and generated calls are all proven as well as cost per acquisition. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

It’s nearly impossible to boil down what makes FastFynd® so special into a brief page. That is why i3 invites you to schedule a demonstration of the platform. We’re not the kind of people that enjoy tooting our own horns, but we haven’t had a client not be impressed by the offering.

After all, how many agencies out there have a platform designed to capture the attention of specialized consumer bases that don’t subscribe to commercial standards? Take a moment to think on that one, then let us show you what FastFynd® can do. It’s quite the treat.

What Everyone Is Saying

Marc Klassen, Diesel Depot

I’m Happy With The Fastfynd® Results

I’m happy with the FastFynd® results. It’s a good program with good communication from the team. The monthly meetings are really great to keep in touch with the campaigns.

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