About PPC

Pay per Click campaigns are self-explanatory. You pay for your clicks. However, what most lack in this regard is context. PPC is the partner of SEO under the umbrella of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). While SEO involves detailed strategy and overall planning, PPC works from a far more mathematical stance.


9.7%Of our pay per click ads lead to a conversion

2.6%National avg for ppc campaign conversions

Final ROI Takeaway

We love the numbers and we love making the Ag community stronger. More importantly, we hate seeing anyone throwing money away on impractical methods of achieving success. Be a hero, save yourself from having too many pumpkins.

PPC Strategy

PPC compliments SEO in terms of direct competition with other websites engaged in similar activities. Some might try to sell PPC to you as Pay to Win. While that is a gross simplification of the process, what’s wrong with winning? Especially when you can play smart.

PPC Tactics

What does it mean to play PPC smart? It means having the numbers in front of you to understand when you have to spend and when you can relax. If consumers aren’t searching for Super Duper Cattle Hoses, then don’t overspend on the term. However, if your local customers suddenly want to have UTV wagons, then begin engaging.

Smart PPC is something that Fastline Digital loves to engage in daily. Think about it in terms of farming. If your neighbor is growing pumpkins for Autumn and using their entire farmland, what does that leave them?

Especially when your other neighboring farmers are growing just as many pumpkins but rotating them with better crops. Do you follow the pumpkins only farmer or do you find a better way to plan against the far more competitive farmers?