Apr 17

Total Home & Farm Video Solutions – Case Study

You all have been exceptional in this move. You made Taran and I look very organized and professional in our duties to make this happen. Your efforts and professionalism throughout this process is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for all of your hard work. We are very happy with the results

Steven Ruch, General Manager of Total Home and Farm Video Solutions, Inc.

The Background

Total Home and Farm Video Solutions Inc. provides industry-leading surveillance solutions to the Central Illinois region.  They offer solutions to specialized to fit agriculture, commercial, and residential needs


Total Home and Farm Video Solutions Inc. was looking to increase their brand awareness for their location to maximize leads. The dealership's goal was to be found online on any site or device. Once customers were identified, they needed to be tracked for future marketing strategies.

Fastline Digital Approach

Provide a comprehensive landing page for core offerings with multiple calls to action. Guarantee the dealership will be found in 60+ online directories and boost with search engine optimization and paid ads.

Track customer interactions to convert leads into sales. Optimize campaign performance through monthly reporting.


  • All calls tracked with audio & contact info
  • A page authority of 29 - 3x higher than average competition
  • Over 65 keywords on the 1st page
  • A $17.60 cost per lead (25% of industry average)
  • A wide net cast to generate leads across the internet


100Trackable Calls/month

29Page Authority

651stPage Keywords

4x BELOW AVG.Cost Per Lead