May 22

What is a modern Ag industry business website?

Your Ag industry business doesn’t engage in the modern world. If you didn’t believe this, you wouldn’t be here. So, how do you make a long lasting change that will launch your Ag industry business into the digital age?

The easy answer is fixing the problem. The harder answer is knowing exactly what sort of digital strategy is needed. Yes, there is more than one way to integrate a digital strategy.


Let’s start with the basics. Most businesses engaged in a general buffet of all services to meet their uniform needs. This is a great start for the Ag stakeholders that might not know what they want. That’s why a digital agency can kick the tires and eventually find egregious errors to fix.

Some of the more experienced dealerships and farmers already have tech help. E-mail marketing and website design help is plentiful. You might even have data feeds established to your site and don’t need help with direct e-commerce. Then what?

ag industry business website i3 digital

Moving deeper into website needs

Well, there remains the deadly twin arts of the soft skills. Those being PPC and SEO or what is commonly known as SEM. When dealing with these services, it’s best to employ a dedicated marketing service such as Fastline Digital. It’s not uncommon to see the inexperienced business owners overspend on PPC campaigns that go nowhere. The potential rookie mistakes when not engaging a SEO expert are lengthy.

You wouldn’t put a greenhorn on your brand new $150,000 farm equipment, so why trust them with the digital face of your business? Having a modern Ag industry business site means understanding its purpose. It’s the same importance as any other piece of equipment tied to your business. Take care of it. Cherish it.

Ag industry i3 digital agency

Step into the Fastline Digital APPROACH

Too many outside partners will sell you on unnecessary add-ons, quick fixes or promised results. Step into the glow of the holistic approach of Fastline Digital. Our teams have dealt with many of the same marketers that will beat down your door to offer the latest take on marketing. We aren’t going to brow beat you. The Ag community has better things to do with their time.

However, when you need a digital shot in the arm…we’re here. Fastline Digital is a friend in the crowded market of online business. So, we’ll say it again. What does it mean to have a modern Ag industry business website?

A few last words

Well, it means understanding that your business has evolved. At one time there was only the real world made of face-to-face interactions; but now, there is a new world of constant customer interaction. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. However, engaging in online business means having faith in the best partners, best practices and best results.

If you’re ready for that challenge, then Fastline Digital is ready to meet you.

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